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How true is the “Op Plan Vendetta Executive Summary” of NBI circulating in the wild?

A picture of which appear to be National Bureau of Investigation Operation Plan “Vendetta” Executive Summary is circulating in local hacker’s pages and groups. The question now, is the “Executive ...

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Does the FBI already has ‘SilkRoad’ founder’s 600,000 bitcoins? Not yet.

Few days back, Ross Ulbricht, the alleged founder of “SilkRoad,” the underground market of dealing drugs and other services tagged “illegal” was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to ...

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#pR.is0n3r is back, shows his posted number of Estrada is legitimate, taunts Tejadas

While in the midst of protest in the “pork barrel” scandal last month, an anonymous supporter, hacktivist calling himself as #pR.is0n3r claimed to had leaked the personal mobile numbers of 2 ...

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Anonymous leaks confidential info of the Napoles, wants hacktivist to break email accounts

The family Napoles is being prosecuted online by Filipinos who are opposing the Pork Barrel. Janet Lim Napoles, is the accused master mind of pork barrel scandal and is now ...

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Anonymous community helps authorities in finding Janet Lim Napoles.

The official anonymous Philippines Facebook Page, Your anon news, and a number of individuals help authorities in finding  the 10 Billion pork barrel scandal master mind, Janet Lim Napoles. Anonymous ...

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So, Getting your first job?

Have you ever thought of being in a state of where you think you’re futile? Down? Depressed? – No not because of love, but because of that frustrating act of ...

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