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Commission on Elections (COMELEC) PH website Hacked by Anonymous Philippines

Commission on Elections (COMELEC) PH is one of the three constitutional commissions of the Philippines. Its principal role is to enforce all laws and regulations relative to the conduct of ...

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Security questions don’t necessarily live up to their name

What’s your password? This may yet be the most mind-boggling and direct security question if it ever became one. In a recent study published by Google, it has shown that ...

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Protecting Your Passwords

Here is a comprehensive guide regarding Password Security by Pixel Privacy. [ Not sponsored ] Passwords are like keys to your home online, having it stolen let’s anyone mess with ...

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thePinoyTechNEWS mentioned in ANC :P

Its the site’s first time, “first blood” 😛 to be seen on TV, not the actual site though hehehh.. pers taym ko ei 😀

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Here is how to check someone’s prepaid balance Globe and TM

We already created an article about, finding out other people’s load balance here. Unfortunately, the code that I gave no longer works. Globe updated their “dial code” thing. It has ...

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5 Free Start Buttons for Windows 8 Users

Microsoft has been criticize by its customers for disabling one of the Windows Feature – Start Button.  This article might be the solution to those people who are used to ...

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