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iOS 6.x Jailbreaker, “evasi0n” gains millions of Downloads – with How to Tutorial

Shortly after its official release, evasi0n has 2 million estimated downloads. The tool for jailbreaking iOS handset that is a production of evad3rs. In detail, 6 hours after the release of ...

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Check out how SMS gets sent, explained by Bianca Gonzales – (VIDEO)

Globe Telecommunications via Bianca Gonzales explains the technicalities on how “SMS” gets sent.  Watch as Bianca traces the path of that “K” you just sent. How do they do it?? Check ...

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TM Offers Promo Extension for only 5 Pesos

A great offer from Touch Mobile, you can extend your Promo Subscription for just 5 pesos. Their new, TM extend, is applicable to AstigTxt10, AstigCombo10, Combo10, Combo15, AstigTxt15, AstigTxt20 and AstigTxt30. ...

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Find out your Nokia Phone’s Model

This is a pretty basic stuff that everyone should know. In Philippines, it is undeniable that the common mobile brand in public is from the Finnish company – Nokia. For ...

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How to register to Globe and TM promos easily?

This was shared by one of my high school friend, “kalor” the night before new year. Imagine, I am registered to Globe’s call and text promo, Super25 on 1st day of ...

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Find out your Facebooks friends Email Address

This is useful to some guys there. But I strictly do not allow you to use this trick for illegal purposes. You want their email-add for Spam?? NO NO. This ...

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