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Apple messaging bug will crash your iOS device

iPhone and iOS users may find themselves in a bit of a bind over a nonsensical text message. Apple has confirmed that a bug involving the native iMessage or Messages, ...

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Plane flight controls may be hacked mid-flight

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking,please stay in your seats. It’s not turbulence. We’ve been hacked. Chris Roberts, a security researcher, has allegedly admitted to the FBI that ...

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U. Cambridge: Factory reset on Android doesn’t delete all data

Just upgraded to a new phone? You might want to hold on to your old device for a bit longer, especially if it’s on Android.   Researchers at the University ...

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Remote Deletion of Youtube Videos fixed for $5000

A security bug that allowed a malicious user to delete any video in Youtube had been fixed by Google and rewarded $5000 as part of its vulnerability reward program. Russian security ...

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Security bug in Yahoo allows anyone to delete millions of records from the database.

Ibrahim Raafat found a vulnerability on suggestions.yahoo.com. He stated that anyone can delete millions of records stored in the database with Direct Object Reference Vulnerability. Ibrahim said that he found the bug by adding ...

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Internet Explorer 0-day vulnerability

Security researches FireEye found two new Internet Explorer exploits. This exploit affects Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 runnning on Windows XP or 7. Researches said that this compromises anyone visiting ...

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