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Chinese Gov sites hacked by Turkish hackers in Uyghurs Massacre

Government websites from the Peoples Republic of China were defaced and hacked by Turkish Hackers.

Way back 2009,  184 Uyghur Muslims from the region of Xinjiang were massacred. And the Prime Minister of Turkey accused China of the killings, as according to a report by Eduard Kovacs.

Served as the basis, three Turkish hackers Bozkurt97, De4THBLoW & Bozkurt71 targeted a total of 33 Chinese Government websites.

The affected websites were 31 sub-domains and main page of  Huojia county. Hackers left a message in those websites:

Get all the Uighur Turks Gardaşlarımıza Salam, Turk bless and glorify God, Amen! Only cowards like you innocent and unarmed women and children to avenge past pulls, Only cowards “like you”, avenge the past from innocent, unarmed, women and child! Hacked for Uighur Muslim Turk Brothers and All of Turkish World and We Will Hack Your A Lot of Government and So Important Websites, Fear From Turks!

At this moment, those websites hacked are taken offline.

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