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Continued OpPhilippines by xL3gi0n Hackers Leaks DEPED and DOE

As a protest to Cyber Crime Law passed last year, opPhilippine is started by internet hacktivists. “Freedom of speech!” shouted by the citizens contradicting the law. XTnR3v0LT headed the leaks, targeting the official website of Department of Education and Department of Energy.

In a paste published, the hacker left a message that reads,

#opphilipines phase II is the second wave of the operation was running last years against the law of cyber crims created by the philipine government

The paste also contains confidential server and  database information of the aforementioned websites. User details of the column admin of DEPed’s database is posted including usernames, last names, first names, admin levels and IDs and those salted passwords. Same with DEPed, DOE’s, user details, usernames and hashed passwords are leaked.

In the message’s end part, there is a greeting to the Philippine government that states:

# as you see for the last months we have leak some information about bank or gov websites
#take down all your website but we see that you dont want to accept our call
#you dont hear the voice OF citizen we will give you only one week to LOOK again ON your wrong decision
#as you know
# ωє αяє χℓ3gι0η.уσυ αяє ησтнιηg.
# уσυ ωιℓℓ ƒαℓℓ ιη тнє нαη∂’ѕ σƒ συя ƒєℓℓσω вяσтнєяѕ αη∂ ѕιѕтєяѕ.
#ωє υηιтє αѕ σηє вυт ƒιgнт αѕ мαηу.
#you must expect us

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