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Database of Federation of Mutual France Website Leaked!

Hacker xl3gi0n continue to hack websites in part of Operation Leak and Operation Mali. Today, in Opleak 36, they exposed Federation of Mutual Federation database.

As written in the leak, the target website is involved the largest French and European social movement, the mutualist movement, the Mutual France, bringing together millions of men and women gathered jointly, are present throughout with mutual proximity. Federation of Mutual France is for a system of compulsory social protection and solidarity based complementary and guaranteeing rights for all at the highest level. It works to reduce health risks, especially those related to the environment and to work for equal access for all to HIV prevention and care quality for the development of outpatient hospital services and meet the needs social.

Privy information of the website’s database was also posted in the leak. It include, usernames, encrypted passwords and e-mail addresses.

You can check the hackers profile here.

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