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Did pR.is0n3r of Anon Philippines posted wrong number of Senator Jinggoy Estrada?

pR.is0n3r is a local hacker and a loyalist supporter of the hacker collective, anonymous Philippines. Last July we had an exclusive interview of him talking about pR.is0n3r as part of the collective.

The hacker is responsible of the leakage of president Pnoy’s personal mobile numbers and of Janet Lim Napoles, the alleged pork barrel scam mastermind.

Last night, Saturday, he did as well leaked the mobile numbers as he claimed to be belonging to Senator Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada.

Now, a certain Jana Aisha Tejada reacted in anger explaining the harassment to her dad. She said hundreds of callers and texters around Philippines and some other countries harassed her dad which she claimed to be having health problems.

She added “They apparently thought that my Dad’s phone number was Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s” with the link to pR.is0n3r’s facebook page.

Not just harassment, she also claimed there were also some individuals who cursed her dad and as proof Tejada provided  screenshots of those text messages.

In response, the hacker who is said to be in remote area now and can barely used a laptop for internet browsing posted the photo below, supporting his claim that the number is truly of Estrada.

Moreover, he said an explanation will follow if he can start to use his laptop again.

Currently, the hackers Facebook profile and his Facebook page with more than 10k “likes” appears to be taken offline and is not even searchable in Facebook.

Is the mobile number posted really fake? Have your say below.

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