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Disaster Information for Nationwide Awareness Project website hacked, Anonymous PH denies involvement

Unknown hackers successfully penetrated one project website ( DINA – Disaster Information for Nationwide )  of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council yesterday.

Users using mobile phones who visited the website were directed to a another page with pornographic content.

Manila Bulletin reported, the hack occurred the same time Project DINA was launched, incidentally with attendees who are minors.

Representatives from NDRRMC urged and suggested the public while they are still fixing the problem to visit the DINA Project website through desktop computers or laptops instead.

“Do not use mobile phones because government websites are being hacked now,” NDRRMC Executive Director Eduardo del Rosario said.

Project DINA ( Disaster Information for Nationwide Awareness ), is an online campaign to raise awareness  of disaster preparedness of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

Some people are saying Anonymous Philippines could be behind this attack. We could recall, the hacker collective anonymous has been into hacking spree on November 3 & 4, defacing government and commercial websites then claimed service outage in another set of government sites.

Anonymous Philippines denies involvement

Anonymous Philippines spokespersons with handles Rebirth and PH Kudo responded our inquiry, ‘whether the collective is involved in the hacking incident or not.’

Anonymous Philippines official statement:
We at Anonymous Philippines deny any claims of what has happened to the DINA project. it is against Anonymous philosophy and rules to hack such sites, for we believe that the people needs them.

We are also deeply saddened that this happened and the collective is being framed for this since occurred after the Million Mask March. We do not consent to redirecting of any site to pornographic site. We also believe that whoever did this is either:

  1.  A hacker who thinks being one makes him Anonymous automatically. Anonymous isn’t all about hacking, and we have non hackers in the collective. or
  2.  A hacker trying to pin blame and tarnish the name of Anonymous.

Another one to be considered, There’s an official page for Anonymous Philippines news updates. If we have posted it there, then we did it. If not, then we are not the culprits.

Hence we ask the people reading this to understand our points. Have a good day.

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