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Discussion: NBI nabbed Anonymous hacker

Few days ago, a guy named Rodel Plasabas was arrested by NBI Cyber Crime Division agents in Butuan City. Plasabas was suspected by the NBI to be the ‘leader’ of the hackers calling themselves as anonymous Philippines who recently attacked gov sites.

The 24-year old College student was accordingly caught in the act chatting with his mates during the arrest.

Now, what makes me write this is the newest post by one of the Anonymous Philippines page:

As you can see ( bottom part ), Reaper gave hints that he is still able to post and access the internet. A comment on the same post also said that he is indeed still alive.

Yes, we can not disregard that the poster could just be someone else pretending to be Reaper – Anonymous Butuan – Anon Reaper but it could be also, the NBI nabbed a different person.

In our previous article, we mentioned that the verified Anonymous Philippines Facebook page denied that Plasabas is part of the anonymous hacker collective.

Whatever is true here, we really can’t confirm, for now, lets have it discussed in the comments below.

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