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Do not Fall into Logging in Twitter Phising Websites

You could be one of the victim of phising, an old hacking method that copied the entire website look but when you fall into its pit, hackers will take over your account.

Experts warned Twitter users about the increasing number of Phising websites targeting the social networking site. The hackers lure their victims to site like Tivtter.com, iwltter.com and iftwtter.com via Direct Messages.

According to security researches, the hackers also make use of Short URL services like bit.ly. Considering its well-copied design and even the domain, many could have already fallen to it.

It is unsure if the hacking method is the reason behind the 250 thousand twitter accounts hacked, that is announced by twitter.

Update: Phising Websites appear to be taken down, in visiting the website, you will end up to “Apache 2 Test Page.”


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