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Department of Tourism Eastern Visayas email hijacking issue fixed

Email account of Department of Tourism, Eastern Visayas is said to be hijacked by Anonymous Leyte last Saturday.

In the hackers Facebook fan page they have claimed the hack and stated nothing will be put to public unless needed.

“All informations will be kept unless needed to be publicized.”

Anonymous Leyte also warned that leaks will follow soon but that did not happen, as of today, hackers already gave back the email accounts to Department of Tourism.

“All are fixed in the DOT Eastern Visayas. All they just asked is to retrieve their email accounts,” the hackers write after the Department of Tourism asked to retrieve their accounts.

“Good morning Anonymous Leyte! This is with regards with your action hacking our two e-mail accounts. May we ask to retrieve our account for there are e-mails that we need to attend to immediately. As a government institution, duly organized and mandated by law in the service of the Filipino people and for the Filipino people alone, we believe that it is our responsibility to work with the best of our efforts to work for the common good especially our tourism stakeholders. Thank you,” reads a message from DOT.

Anonymous Leyte explained, the hijacking incident was just part of a bigger cause.

Cyber attacks in DOT doesn’t mean they we’re our target. They were just a part of our bigger cause.

“As long as the institution is part or connected to the government, it needs to be monitored,” Anonymous Leyte added.

The Facebook account of the Current Mayor of Baybay City, Leyte was also hijacked last week by the same hackers.

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