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Watch Edward Snowden The Movie

A five minute film is published in youtube that revealed the events when Edward Snowden the NSA whistleblower was in the City of Hongkong.

Edwin Lee, a videographer set up to work with friends after knowing Snowden is in fact in Hongkong.

“We were so intrigued as to why Snowden came to Hong Kong,” Lee said, an Irish expatriate. “All of us love Hong Kong to death; we all call Hong Kong home.”

For whatever reason, Snowden has no dialogue in the film.

“Yes the film was about Snowden, but he wasn’t featured the most prominently,” Lee said, adding that the team was careful not to impose judgments upon a man who largely remains a mystery to them. “He’s mostly the catalyst [of events] affecting all these different people around him; it’s more about the vignettes,” Lee said , describing the film’s focus as split “50-50” between Snowden and the city of Hong Kong.

The guys even got an identical “Snowden” for the short movie.

Read full detailed article here.

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