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Elites of Symbianize form a hacking forum, SymbianizeHacker.net

If you are  familiar with symbianize.com, the home of the great netizens in Philippines, you should have already know that the “elite guys” from it build their own hacking forum. That was “pinoyhacknews” downtime, when they officially launched the forum in their Facebook page – SymbianizeHacker.

In querying their website in a who is service, it appears information of the website owner is protected, probably a domain privacy or sort is activated.

In the current time, administrators of “SBH” reported that the site is being hit by massive attack forcing them to move to another server. The “alleged” attack resulted to deletion of files and databases forcing everyone to register again. The site is running well now with a bit low number of registered users, 115, 58 threads and 215 post reply.

By looking into the site’s footer, a clear statement is given. Symbianizehacker.net is an affiliate of Symbianize.com calling itself “the dark alley of Symbianize”. The statement continues with a disclaimer, website is in anyway not connected to Symbian. A trademark of Symbian Software, LTD.

Year 2013-2013, we saw a growing number of Pinoy “hackers” sprouting out of nowhere. From “anonymous” of different provinces to independent one.

That would be another issue.

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  • Forbidden

    Ako po yung webdev ng SBH Forums…
    Medyo wrong-timing lang yung screenshot kasi hindi pa tapos ayusin yung layout… hehe… Pero okay lang…

    ~ AFX.F0rb1dd3n

  • symbianize is UP

    sr wala po ba protection ang ating site sa mga DDOS attacks? ?

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  • x56

    down na naman ang symbianze since last week of april mag 3 weeks na.

  • chichan47

    aw.. dangerzone pala suspect dun? lol

  • ryan castillo

    Hello po 🙂 gusto ko po sanang magpatulong tungkol sa Agua Rio ko pagkatapos ko kasing ireset may hinihinga na Privacy Security Password.. patulong lang po salamat.

    • Jonathan Graciadas

      ryan enter mo lang yung screen security code mo.

  • 4str4

    … well these are the “special” kids of symbianize “special” meaning the idiots, the retards and especially those kids that tries to be the “cool” just to fit in, most of them are attention whores. In the comic world these are the types who becomes the dumb villain if given enough power …. have you even been on that website ? 90% of the content are of piracy porn and stealing from the philippines mobile carriers and from their idiocracy who suffers… really its not the network be it “smart” or “globe” etc. its the paying subscribers that suffers the most. most of them there are not really for “net neutrality” most of them are there just to get “free” stuff, talk about why work when you can get it free right….last but not the least defacing a website is not really the essence of being “anonymous” alot of times I do ask myself what would those idiots who wants to call themselves “anonymous” wanted to prove … are they really in to government reform towards “good governance” all they really show is what I call a form of “terrorism” and to that Ill let you research the definition of that word because it is closely related…. so IMO they are not really worthy of being given the title “elite” or “anonymous” … its more like “elite” “ignoramus”

  • Michael Diego

    Everyone should be careful of who they contact on here alot of fakes everywhere, i thought this hacking thing was a joke till i needed someone to do a private hacking for me and also a facebook. i was introduced to [email protected] by my very good British friend, so i decided to try him and he passed. firstly he proves to you he is not a cheat by working a sample job that you confirm first then you are 100% sure he can do your work without being cheated. he never ask for payment first, he Shows proof works first he is just great.