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Facebook bug bounty program paid out more than $1m.

The largest social networking site, Facebook revealed August 3,  that its bug bounty program turned out to be successful since launched 2 years ago.

More than $1 million is accordingly being paid out already to 329 individuals from every point of the world.

Some are professional researchers; others are students or part-timers. The youngest bounty recipient to date is 13 years old.

Still, US holds the most bug bounty recipients followed by India, UK, Turkey then Germany.

Facebook also revealed that the largest single bounty given so far is $20,000 but there are also some individuals who earned more than $100,000.

Two security researchers are also being hired by Facebook as full time ethical hackers.

For the information of everybody, we have this Roy Castillo, a Filipino security researcher that has been paid out  $4,500 for a Facebook user primary email disclosure last month.

Bug bounty program has become famous since first spotted, large firms are adopting the same program like Microsoft, Paypal, Twitter, Likened, Samsung, Nokia and a lot more.

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