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Facebook and Microsoft revealed users to US authorities

According to reports, major internet companies, Facebook and Microsoft gives up information to the US authorities related to over 50 thousand customer accounts.

From an announcement of the social media giant, they admitted they granted the request of the revealing information to the authorities but they insisted that they are very protective on each of their user’s data so they only provided lesser amount of info than what the government demanded. They said that nine to ten thousand cases of missing children, minor offenses, and national security threats are related to the given eighteen to nineteen thousand-user profiles.


Meanwhile, Microsoft also revealed that they received a request to present thirty-one to thirty-two thousand accounts to the US government at the end of last year due to their relation on six to seven thousand criminal and national security issues and like Facebook, they only provided limited information to protect their own customers.

Both Microsoft and Facebook are under the microscopes recently because of their alleged connection of to the controversial NSA program called “PRISM”. In which it also involves other major companies in the internet and computer industry like Yahoo, Google and Apple. Unfortunately, each of them is still denying their involvement to the said secret program until now.

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