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Facebook page with 90 million likes serves malware

You should not trust a Facebook page with even 90 million likes, it could lead you to a cyber crime scheme.

According to trendmicro, the 90 million likes are not true and is just obtained by scam. The page that has already numerous Facebook posts lure users to click on a link.

The experts from trendmicro added that, those posts point to a website that urges users into downloading a fake Adobe Flash Player in order to view a video.

It is a bogus Adobe Flash application detected as  TROJ_FAKEADB.US, that then compromises a Facebook account and secretly installing a browser extension. This publish the same malicious post on the users behalf just like Facebook Profile Viewer scam.

[Editors note] If you are already infected with this spam, just completely remove the malicious extension in your browser then delete the  post published by it.

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