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Fake news on CNN blog, hacked!

A news blog by CNN political ticker entitled, “Anonymous Bitcoin operator Btc-e.com goes out of business” posted last Friday was actually a fake post and was manipulated by hackers, according to Sabari Selvan of E Hacking News.

Btc-e Co., the company mentioned in the article was actually facing a case in California and the false news stated that,

“the Supreme Court of California issued a ruling on winding up of Btc-e Co.”

“Under the lawsuit, the company is not a member of any professional association or self-regulating organization (SRO). “
“All accounts of Btc-e Co. will be seized and checked for legality for eight days.”

But before the fake post goes wild, it was immediately removed by CNN. According to their spokesperson, the hackers used a third-party publishing platform to post the said blog and that by logging in using a compromised user account.

Below is the full screenshot of the posted news,

Credit: E Hacking News
Credit: E Hacking News



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