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Famous hacker “Kevin Mitnick” hired by Ecuador to secure Election

For those people who do not remember Kevin Mitnick, he is the guy behind the hacking spree of personal computers and well-known corporations like  Apple, Motorola and even the FBI.

This time he is doing his thing with go sign, he was hired by Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa to secure the elections that took place on Sunday. The guy is assigned to safeguard the Net Lock computer systems utilized to tabulate the elections.

“I’m here in Quito, Ecuador to help secure the Presidential election. I am not speaking here on this trip.”

“Securing the Presidential election meaning to secure it against unauthorized tampering, etc,” Kevin tweeted.

The hacker added tweeting, “how cool is that?” referring, way back 18 years ago he was busted by hacking but now does the same thing with full authority- hacking ethically.

In a report by Techeye, Correa feared election interruption, or hackers might try to sabotage or hack the election. Recalled, the president Correa has offered Julian Assange asylum in Ecuador’s London embassy.


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