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27 File Sharing Websites are being blocked by Italian Authority

The file sharing websites include, Uploaded, BitShare, NowVideo, NowDownload, VideoPremium, QueenShare, ClipsHouse and many more. Its not just there, the Italian authority is looking for international actions to fully take the websites down.

All of their domains have been blocked by Italian internet providers throughout the country. That follows after an investigation by the Italian Cyber Crime Police.

“The domains of sites linking to torrent files, in order to download illegal copies of music and movies, have been seized [blocked] this week as ordered by Preliminary investigation of the Judge of Rome, at the request of the public prosecutor, following an investigation of the Italian Cybercrime Police,” reads a statement in  TorrentFreak.

A lawyer from a firm specializing in Copyright disputes, Fulvio Sarzana, said the obstruction was not caused by a major company but by a single cartoon movie of a certain small company.

“The order of the seizure of the websites has been given at the request of a small Italian distributor for one single cartoon movie: it is clear that there is not any proportion between the seizure of entire sites (and domains) containing millions of legal files and the potential violation of the copyright of a single movie.”

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