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Filipino-Taiwanese keyboard war update,ddos, leaks and defacements from both sides

The Philippine keyboard warriors are again facing another cyber war. From China to Malaysia, and now to Taiwan.

As we have reported, Philippine’s major government websites are being attacked (Distributed Denial of Service ) by Taiwanese hackers right after a Taiwanese national fisherman was shot dead in the disputed waters.

From the side of Filipinos, Pinoy Vendetta did take the first step in giving warning message to Taiwan, where they defaced 5 websites.

Now,  Anonymous Taiwan announces operation Philippines!

According to Anonymous Taiwan the action made by the Philippine coastguard was a form of  injustice and unforgivable.

“Philippine coastguard killed Taiwanese unarmed fishermen is injustice and unforgivable Philippine government protecting murders is unacceptable,” in a paste by anon_taiwan.

“You must apologize. Killers must be arrested immediately. Otherwise, we will not stop.”

“Pinoy Vendetta losers, your injustice behaviours will destroy yourself,” they added.

Anonymous Taiwan, have claimed to have defaced the gov.ph Domain Registry Website, Bureau of the treasury website, and a sub domain of Department of Science and Technology.

anon taiwan deface page

They also leaked confidential information of several Philippine government websites. Like the official website of Sulu, where user account data are dumped including emails and unecrypted usernames and passwords. Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, government Domain Registry Website, Department of Education, province of Bulacan, and Philippine Public Safety College  official websites also experienced private data leakage.

Anonymous Taiwan then warned, “operation has just begun.”

What actions are made by Filipino Hackers?

Atom of Pinoy Vendetta published thousands of user account dump. You can view it, dump 1 and dump2. He also claimed of defacing the following websites:

defacement by atom
Another Pinoy Hacker, shadow haxor, also take credit of hacking several websites:


Mrose also message pinoyhacknews of his defaced 30 Taiwan websites, it could be seen here.


Those are real numbers of defaced websites, but most of  it does not appear to be significant.


In response to Taiwan’s keyboard warriors launching distributed denial of service on Saturday, Pinoy Vendetta allegedly taken down 40 government websites of Taiwan while JP Oge, took almost a hundred of Taiwanese gov sites.


What interesting here, the Philippine cyber army and the official anonymous collective of Philippines are strangely silent of the happenings.


Taiwan hacker’s reason for attacking is, ” To compel the Philippine government to formally apologize to Taiwan, and compensation for the families of the victims.” Whereas actions by Filipino hackers is to retaliate.


If you have information about the cyberwar, kindly inform us through Facebook.

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