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Find out your Facebooks friends Email Address

This is useful to some guys there. But I strictly do not allow you to use this trick for illegal purposes. You want their email-add for Spam?? NO NO.

This post is for educational purposes only and no other intentions.

Follow Steps:

  1. Log in yahoomail.com if you do not have account, then sign up.
  2. After logging in, click on Contacts Tab
  3. Click Import Contacts
  4. Choose Facebook
  5. A pop-up will show, If you are logged in already, the better. Else, consider logging in.
  6. Please wait for yahoo to import your contacts.
  7. IF done, browse to friend that you wish to get his email add.

Why not just get his email add in facebook? That is even quicker than this.


There are email address that are hidden or being replaced by facebook’s email system [email protected]

I hope you get the point.

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