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Globe, Symbianize and tipidPC hit by DDOS, users left hassled.

Globe website is experiencing a massive Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) along with Symbianize ,  SymbianizeHacker and tipidPC.. In which lot of users are being annoyed when the services of the said websites were interrupted.

In the hackers page, DangerZone, claiming part of Anonymous(see featured image) published statement that they are behind of the attacks leaded by some guy calling himself “Satan.”

Here are few of the users response:

Flores MichaelDangerZone Hacking/Cracking Team Intayin mo bwi ng TIPID PC SAYO!!!

Hilbert Magculang Asan na???? Cge nga ddos pa!! Post mo website mo para makita mo kung ano ang totoong hacking na cnasabi.. ideface mo nga symb.. pak yu!!

Rainhard Heaven Ilabas mo yung website mo at tsaka mo idefend.. partida ko sayo command prompt lang gagamitin ko.. naka pikit pa isang mata ko at isang kamay lang gagamitin ko pang type. Game Mr. Demon?

On twitter when searching “dangerzonesatan”

dangerZone twitThere is no reason published by the hackers in their attack, in Globe’s case the hacker tweeted, “When i reached 150 followers i will attack Globe’s Central Servers..”

“Satan” boasted, in launching DDOS to those websites “he” is using his own developed tools.

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