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Police with Globe authorities arrested 3 Wimax fraudsters

Globe’s news room reported that a series of entrapment operations were conducted by Police and of Globe Telecom authorities in which three individuals were arrested.

Boy Pasay Wimax, real name Alvin Garcia fall on the initial entrapment operation at Merville Km, 12 Access Road, Baranggay 20,1 Zone 20 in Pasay City. 4 Globe WIMAX modems, a computer set and around 100 pieces of Globe Sims are confiscated, accordingly used by the suspect to clone or reconfigure Sim cards for unlimited data surfing.

Garcia’s mobile phone is also seized, serves as evidence that confirmed he is indeed Boy Pasay Wimax, the one responsible of illegal WIMAX selling activities.

The second operation also led to the arrest of Ericson Cagara. He was arrested after he contacted Garcia with intention of buying hacked WIMAX modems. One unit was recovered from him.Cagara is a resident of Block 5 Lot 3 Phase 2 Topaz Street, Celina Homes, Camarin Caloocan City.

Another individual in Taguig, Sohayli Gagaso, was arrested who tried to meet up with Garcia with intention of buying Globe WIMAX modems.

“We are relieved that the illegal sale of Globe WIMAX modems in Pasay City had been put to an end,” said lawyer Froilan Castelo, Head of the Corporate and Legal Services Group.

“We would like to appeal to our subscribers to bring to our attention any suspicious offers that they may receive concerning the sale of supposed WIMAX modems,” Castelo added.

Criminal charges against the suspects for violation of Republic Act 8484, also known as Access Device Act and PD 1612 Anti Fencing Law have already been filed in court.

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