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Gmail account hacked; hackers stole $15K!

Cybercriminals stole an amount of $15,000 from a bank account of  Dubai based expat. According to the report from Emirates24/7 (via EHackingNews), Anil Abraham’s cheque issued to a property developer, bounced last week, and when the latter called his bank, he learned that some Garry Albert Frazer of New Zealand withdrew an amount of $15 thousand by using his hacked Gmail account.

In addition, Abraham said that the bank don’t require personal verification, and he usually used his gmail to communicate with them, because of that, the hackers easily convinced the bank to send the money – to whom they know is a real Anil Abraham.

This is not actually a first time to have a case like this. There are already many complaints that involve this kind of hacking activity but even, at some point that the bank has a mistake. Its still best for us to make our Gmail account/s secure, especially when they already have features that can help in minimizing the chances of getting breach.

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