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Google increased rewards in its bug bounty program

Google has been paying a lot of individuals for any security vulnerability found in its products for years. Because of its success, Google increased rewards for security researchers.

In its latest reward increase update, Google is now paying more in its account login page( Cross-site scripting XSS bugs ) from $3,133.7 now to $7,500.

Google reward Increase:

  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) bugs on https://accounts.google.com now receive a reward of $7,500 (previously $3,133.7). Rewards for XSS bugs in other highly sensitive services such as Gmail and Google Wallet have been bumped up to $5,000 (previously $1,337), with normal Google properties increasing to $3,133.70 (previously $500).
  • The top reward for significant authentication bypasses / information leaks is now $7,500 (previously $5,000).

Other products and services Google pays are of Gmail and Google Wallet. The company is also paying bug for authentication bypasses and information leaks.


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