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Government websites defaced a night before “million march protest” of Pork Barrel

Around 11:20 pm, Anonymous Philippines posted in Facebook a list of websites – Philippine government owned which are hacked and defaced.

It is clear that those websites are defaced as a protest of the Pork Barrel Scandal that linked Janet Lim Napoles and other high-seated individuals in the government.

“We Appreciate the fact that you have now responded to the public clamor to abolish the PDAF. However, the alternative package of still allowing the Congressmen and Senators to identify sponsored projects to be funded, albeit as line items in the annual budget, continues to leave MONEY with grasp of conniving and corrupt public officials. In effect, this merely shifted the time frame upon when these projects are identified and approved.”

“Therefore, the PORK BARREL REMAINS!”

“We Pursue our call for you to completely abolish the Pork barrel system,” their full message in the deface page reads.

List of websites affected:

  1. http://pro5.pnp.gov.ph
  2. http://dpcr.pnp.gov.ph
  3. http://omb.gov.ph
  4. http://pascn.pids.gov.ph/images
  5. http://www.bps.dti.gov.ph/administrator1
  6. http://tabuk.gov.ph
  7. http://www.socsksargen.da.gov.ph/webtmp
  8. http://tarlacpnp.com/index.html
  9. http://www.braulioedujali.gov.ph/admin

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