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Hacker leaks private mobile number of Sen. De Lima, traces her location

The hacktivist and vocal supporter of Anonymous Philippines, #pr.is0n3r leaks the alleged private mobile number of Senator Leila De Lima Friday evening. The hacker also alleged that the Senator is in Ermita during the time of leakage.

The same hacker leaked the mobile number of Janet Napoles and ex-President Noy Aquino in the past.

As we can read in a post through his Facebook page, the mobile number “09178422***” is allegedly of the Senator and accordingly still in use.


Along with the post is a photo screenshot of what appears to be a data in relation to the posted mobile number.


We have tried to reach “prisoner” and he responded that the data is the response to the query done to HLR – home location register.

As comment of what could be his reason in leaking the mobile number of Sen. De Lima he said, “para ma reach din (Sen. De Lima) sya ng mga tao.”

“Pero i personally believe na merong something (meron akong personal na findings, maybe soon pwede lumabas),” he added.

Looking more in the Hacker’s facebook page, it appears that he already leaked the alleged location of Sen. De Lima twice.

First on September 28 this year and she was claimed to be near World Trade Centerwtc

The second was on last September 30.

converted longitude and latitude location from the response of HLR, traced to be somewhere in BF Homes, Paranaque City.

Senator De Lima is in hot water right now as she is poured by allegations to be a cuddler and protector of drug syndicates during her time as the Secretary of Justice.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Anonymous.pris0n3r/

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