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Hacker of Mark Zuckerbergs timeline gets cash reward

Khalil Shreateh, a freelance web developer and security researcher found a bug in Facebook’s user status composer that can allow anyone to post in someone’s timeline – you don’t need to be Facebook friends.

In Facebook’s white hat program, the company will reward someone who could break into its security/privacy but the bug should be responsibly disclosed.

Facebook declined to pay Shreateh for he allegedly did not follow the terms of service of bounty program after he hacked Mark Zuckerberg’s timeline.

Because Facebook is not giving anything, a group of fellow hackers are trying to help the man with a 5 year-old dell laptop by raising $10,000.

According to CNBC, Marc Maiffret, chief technology officer of cybersecurity firm BeyondTrust, initialized the money raising. So far he has raised about $9,000.

“He is sitting there in Palestine doing this research on a 5-year-old laptop that looks like it is half broken.”  “It’s something that might help him out in a big way,” Maiffret said.

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