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Hackers claim hacking of GMA7’s IPv6 Live Broadcast in Taguig

A group of hackers claim to have bypassed the broadcast security algorithm of GMA-7.

A video they provided to our staff showed they aired live the “Anonymous Message” against President Aquino in a prime time slot Thursday night, Feb 27, 2014 about 9:30 — 10:30 pm.

According to the document they provided to us, they utilized the IPv6 ICMP TV Broadcast Discovery through adaptive Smurfing (Traffic Amplification) to forge GMA-7’s ICMP Traffic connected to their main network through the Targeted Area located in Taguig City.

The hackers added that, without the proper authentication mechanisms in place, they overflowed the IPv6 switch table targeting the Multicast Ethernet addresses of GMA-7 with the following format (e.g., 33:33:00:00:01) causing all the traffic to be sent to all nodes of the Broadcast Server of GMA-7.

They further explained that a respond from the Servers was finally received them through the hop limits of the decremented packets where it repeatedly hopped through the Source Link-layer address sending an ICMP6 Echo Request like this:

(pkt = thc_create_ipv6(interface, PREFER_GLOBAL, &pkt_len, src6, target6, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);
thc_add_icmp6(pkt, &pkt_len, ICMP6_PINGREQUEST, 0, 0xdeadbeef, NULL, 0, 0);
thc_generate_and_send_pkt(interface, NULL, NULL, pkt,&pkt_len)

The document further stated, the transfer of the video signals coming from their laptops was then established to a certain areas in Taguig covering a radius of 2 kms from the source.

Live video feed against the Aquino government coming from the hackers were then allegedly broadcasted to the viewers who are watching GMA-7 on the specific date and time as the attack happened. ( see embedded video above )

While we still can not confirm that the “hacking” indeed occurred, we ask you to let us know if you have an information on this.

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