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Hackers got hack – pinoyhackingcommunity.org

Tonight, a new hacking forum created by Pinoys dedicated in discussing topics in “hacking” is hacked by another Pinoy web hacker, “Falcon AnonPH.”

The culprit contacted me on Facebook, sending me a link of his malicious php script. Here is a screen shot of “iosec_admin” directory from the website.

This kind of incident is a slap on the website’s administrators. As they are discussing on how to secure, giving tutorials on how to hack ‘things’, then somebody did actually break on their systems.

When pinoyhacknews asked Falcon of his reason behind it, he simply said:

“Yung mga nagmamagaling sa loob, yung putak ng putak ng vuln daw na nakita nila. Eto gayahin niyo.”

If you have information of who runs the website, kindly let us know, we will try to have their statement.

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