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Hackers hijack FB account of Nancy Binay, again

This time, the message posted by the hackers was modified a bit.

 Unluckily, the facebook account of Hon. Senator Nancy Binay appears to be hacked once again just few minutes ago.

We reported on Tuesday that the same account was hacked by Anonymous along with Edwin Lacierda’s account which later the latter claimed its not his.

Last night, there were also Facebook accounts hacked from the government.  Listed below:

Police Pangasinan
Manila Councilor
TANUAN cps Batangas
Librado Navarrot Vice Governor.
Shirlyn Banas vice mayor

These incidents clearly pictures out that many high officials are ignoring, and or many are not aware of the importance in information security.

Remember that, we are already in the year where all things are getting more and more innovative.

Anonymous Philippines message:

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