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Happy 14th Anniversary ILOVEYOU virus!

Do you still remember what happened on May 5, 2000? 14 years ago, a Filipino named Onel de Guzman created a computer worm that became the biggest malware event ever. The malware infected users of Windows and Microsoft Outlook and caused the companies and governments to shut down their online services.

It was originated in Pandacan, Manila, travelling to Hong Kong, Europe, and United States. The Pentagon, CIA, and British Parliament used to shut down their systems to prevent infection. The virus affected over 45 million computers connected to internet and caused $5.5 billion damages.

The virus is written in VBScript and spreads through an email with the file attachment “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs”. Opening the file overwrites images and other files on the computer and sends a copy of itself to all addresses in the user’s address book. It also added a registry entry to startup automatically on boot.

The reason why Onel de Guzman created the worm is because of his rejected thesis proposal that steals internet login passwords to afford an internet connection since it was too expensive that time.

Thesis Rejected

All charges to Onel de Guzman and Reonel Ramones were dropped because there are no law to punish them. But where is Onel de Guzman now? Some say that he was hired by international companies or maybe he’s enjoying his private life.

Onel de Guzman

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