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Hashcat updated, can now crack 55 character passwords

A new version of the popular cracking tool “hashcat” (oclHashcat-plus v0.15) has been released by its developer with new updates including the ability to crack passwords that are 55 characters in length.

The ability of cracking a 55 character password is claimed to be the most requested feature by its users.

Jens Steube, lead developer said, “We can crack passwords up to length 55, but in case we’re doing a combinator attack, the words from both dictionaries can not be longer than 31 characters. But if the word from the left dictionary has the length 24 and the word from the right dictionary is 28, it will be cracked, because together they have length 52.”

You can check the thread as released note to check of other features and fixed “lots of bugs” here.

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