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Here is how to check someone’s prepaid balance Globe and TM

We already created an article about, finding out other people’s load balance here. Unfortunately, the code that I gave no longer works. Globe updated their “dial code” thing.

It has new “dial code” and a major update. Checking other people’s balance is not just for Globe subscribers, it also now supports Touch Mobile users.! This way, you could impress your “girl”, it works all the time! Tried and tested hehe JOke.

You can do it in 2 ways, the short and the long way, lets start with the latter.

Long way: 

  1. First of, dial *143# in your mobile’s main screen.
  2. Next, Choose 6 (Balance Inquiry), for TM choose 5
  3. Choose 2 then 1, same for TM
  4. Enter 10 digit number, sample 9165835316 – please note, it is without “0” at the start.
  5. Done!

Short way:

  • In main screen/standby screen of your device, Dial *143*6*2*1*91658363163# for Globe and  *143*5*2*1*91658363163# for TM subscribers.
  • simply replace 9165836316 with your desired number to check.

Add on: The company also adds a feature that let you block users in checking your prepaid balance. Dial, *143*6*2*2# (Globe) and *143*5*2*2# (Touch Mobile) directly and you are free! You can also undo the action by dialing the same code.

This works on Globe and Tm Subscribers only! For other questions/queries, you are free to comment below.

Number used is not mine though.


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  • MariusDejess

    Is there a charge for getting the balance of someone else’s load balance? I have never done that before; my trouble with Globe is about disappearing prepaid load, which I notice when I aske for balance and the balance shows that the prepaid load has decreased, even though in the time lapse between the present balance and the last previous one I have not been using my cellphone at all.

    How does Globe make my prepaid load lesser and lesser even though I don’t use my prepaid load? Please read this account I contributed in two local forums, and tell me how Globe decreases a prepaid load when the subscriber has not been using his prepaid load for the period covered: like for example: I got the load balance on August 23, 2015 and it was say 145 pesos, then I decided to get the load balance again on August 31, 2015, and the balance has decreased to 97 pesos, whereas all this time I had my cellphone turned off.

    When the next day I went to the Globe business office to complain, and told the Globe person that when I asked for the load balance there would be a decrease of load, even though I had not been using the phone since the last load balance report. In fact in her presence I sent ‘bal’ to 222, and the balance report showed an amount which is now lesser than the previous balance report by 20 pesos!

    Here is my account I posted in two local forums:

    Is this a case of scam from Globe, with disappearing load from my prepaid load?

    This has happened to me already three times or more, but I noticed it only some almost three months back.

    You see, I don’t use my Globe mobile except very rarely, but I keep track of my load expiration date and time.

    Then three months back I noticed that my load had decreased and I had not been using my mobile for any voice calls, moreover I have accumulated almost 1000 reward text messages for having loaded my phone sim regularly with prepaid Globe cards.

    So I went to the Globe business office at Gateway Mall in Cubao to complain.

    The Globe service man was very nice and he saw right away that my load had decreased for no use whatever from my part, and the lost load amounted to 100 pesos.

    He refunded the loss by loading my sim with a free 100 pesos load from Globe, and I saw him writing a message to Globe to explain the refund of a hundred pesos.

    I was glad, and he told me I would not experience anymore disappearing load.

    The second time of disappearing load happened some over a month ago, and it was the same thing: I noticed that my load had decreased even though I had not used my mobile phone.

    I went again to the Cubao Globe business office to complain.

    This time the Globe person a guy admitted that yes there was a loss of load, he told me he would ask the Globe office to investigate, and I would receive a text informing me of the cause, etc.

    But he did not refund me with Globe load to make up for the disappeared load; and I forgot to ask about a refund — it was only when I left that I realized I forgot to demand a load refund to make up for the lost load.

    Then last Tuesday (today is Friday, Sept. 4, 2015) the same thing happened again, my load decreased further and without any use from me.

    This time I said to myself that I would insist on a refund of the lost load.

    The lady attending to me this time told me yes, you have lost 120 pesos worth of load, and there is no record of any use from you during the covered period.

    Now, here is the routine I noticed with this woman which was also employed by the guy who attended to me last time, and did not take the care to refund me with load from Globe to make up for the loss.

    She told me that she had already informed the Globe office to make an investigation, and I would receive a text which would explain why, etc., etc., etc.

    I asked her whether she would right away refund me with load from Globe to make up for my loss of load, and she told me that the Globe office would investigate and I would receive a text, etc., etc., etc.

    This time I was firm, I insisted that she should arrange for the refund right then and there, because it was obvious that load has decreased without any use from my part.

    What happened now?

    I was adamant, so she had to comply because it was obvious that Globe either made a mistake or Globe is into a scam, or there is something wrong with Globe’s system of charging.

    She took a form and filled it up and told me that yes I would receive the refund of 120 pesos; she then went over to one of the persons manning the other counter which is into money matters i.e. receiving payments from postpaid subscribers.

    I am not into postpaid subscription but prepaid subscription all the time; I have heard though of postpaid customers also complaining of charges, for which they can’t recall having used their mobile phones.

    So I waited, then there appeared a text from Globe informing me that it was awarding me with 120 pesos worth of free load from Globe.

    That ends my visit to Globe office last Tuesday.

    I tend to think that either the Globe system is defective and they have not fixed it yet for so long already, and they reap the benefit ensuing from the defect, or Globe is really into what I could call an institutional dishonesty.

    If you readers have any similar experience, don’t be contended with a reply from the Globe business office persons, that they will make an investigation and you will receive a text message, etc., etc., etc.

    Insist that Globe right away refund you for the missing load with a refund load.

  • Samuel Trust
  • Jitendra Prajapati

    right now , it is not working (this post is to old, please update it!)