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Here is how to check someone’s prepaid balance Globe and TM

We already created an article about, finding out other people’s load balance here. Unfortunately, the code that I gave no longer works. Globe updated their “dial code” thing.

It has new “dial code” and a major update. Checking other people’s balance is not just for Globe subscribers, it also now supports Touch Mobile users.! This way, you could impress your “girl”, it works all the time! Tried and tested hehe JOke.

You can do it in 2 ways, the short and the long way, lets start with the latter.

Long way: 

  1. First of, dial *143# in your mobile’s main screen.
  2. Next, Choose 6 (Balance Inquiry), for TM choose 5
  3. Choose 2 then 1, same for TM
  4. Enter 10 digit number, sample 9165835316 – please note, it is without “0” at the start.
  5. Done!

Short way:

  • In main screen/standby screen of your device, Dial *143*6*2*1*91658363163# for Globe and  *143*5*2*1*91658363163# for TM subscribers.
  • simply replace 9165836316 with your desired number to check.

Add on: The company also adds a feature that let you block users in checking your prepaid balance. Dial, *143*6*2*2# (Globe) and *143*5*2*2# (Touch Mobile) directly and you are free! You can also undo the action by dialing the same code.

This works on Globe and Tm Subscribers only! For other questions/queries, you are free to comment below.

Number used is not mine though.


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