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Several high-profile websites in Uganda, hacked

In a report by The Hackers Media, several high profile websites are hacked by a hacker with an online handle “r00x.”

Though its not confirm, the problem could be trace up to Ugandan top level domain name registrar, hit with DNS poisoning.

Here is a list of domains impacted of the attack:

  1. http://pepsi-cola.ug
  2. http://acer.ug
  3. http://norton.ug
  4. http://googlegroups.ug
  5. http://hackers.co.ug
  6. http://microsoft.org.ug
  7. http://root.co.ug
  8. http://hackers.com.ug
  9. http://nokia.com.ug
  10. http://avast.ug
  11. http://paypal.com.ug
  12. http://cisco.com.ug
  13. http://hp.com.ug
  14. http://expedia.ug
  15. http://sony.org.ug
  16. http://kaspersky.com.ug
  17. http://search.com.ug
  18. http://intel.co.ug
  19. http://skype.ug
  20. http://yahoo.com.ug
  21. http://gmail.com.ug
  22. http://hotmail.com.ug
  23. http://msn.com.ug
  24. http://google.or.ug

Be informed that not all of those websites are real and owned by those companies. In one case, domain microsoft.org.ug is not by the redmond based company, Microsoft.

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