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hitman hacked website in Cagayan De Oro

Once more Hitman defaces the government website of Cagayan De Oro

The official website of the government of Cagayan De Oro is hacked once again along with other 2 websites in Cagayan.

Those websites display the same message, urging the local authorities/government to take action of the threatening “hold ups.”

“wake up! Government of CDO! and the new Mayor, why can not you solve the crimes happening in the City of Cagayan. Where is the “City of Golden Friendship” now? People no longer go out at night because the authorities just ignore the incidents. Now it happens to CEPLACO, are you waiting of bloodshed,” the hacker said.

“Calling on local authorities/government officials to solve a rash of robberies and killings that victimized residents, including students.” the hacker added.

The websites affected are the following:

For whatever reason, the website of CEPALCO is also defaced.

As of the moment, those defacements made by hitman still displays on their website.

Source: Facebook page of Pinoy Vendetta and Hitman.

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