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Hitman exposed database connection of BayanBusiness website

Making use of what the Pinoy Vendetta co-founder claimed as bug on Google docs (bypass), he exposed to the public the database connection of Bayan Business website(www.bayanbusiness.com.ph.)

In a link he provided in the hacker group’s Facebook page, the file ‘db_connect.php’ from Bayan Business website is publicly accessible along with the database connection credentials.

A message from him reads, “Oi ecommerce law bka sabihin mo di ako nag notify.. bypass.. using google docs”

Even with the recent news where the NBI claimed it arrested a certain Rodel Plasabas, a 24 year-old man believed to be anonymous hacker, Hitman shows no sign of stopping in his actions.

The pinoy hacker is the same hacker who hacked into several high profile websites including Globe telecoms.

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