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Hitman hacked PNP website, vandalized “Fuck the Police!”

A subdomain of Philippine National Police website ( pro3.pnp.gov.ph ) has been hacked and defaced yesterday by the Pinoy Vendetta co-founder “Hitman.”

“Fuck the police,” the hacker vandalized in the website as he changed the webpage’s background to black.

In the moment, when the site ( pro3.pnp.gov.ph ) is loaded on your browser, it redirect you to the largest search engine to date – Google search.

The defacement follows a day after news spread, Police questioned and held at least 5 supporters of Anonymous Philippines in Quezon City police station during  “Million Mask March.”

The said “Million Mask March” is a world event that occurred last November 5. It is a movement initiated by the  hackers collective ‘anonymous,’ where participants wear guy fawkes mask.

The recent defacement of the 40+ government websites last November 3 was intended to catch the attention of the Filipino citizens then urged them to join the mentioned march.

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