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Hitman is back again, defaces the website of Meralco

We have not heard much about “Hitman” this past few months. But just several minutes ago, publicly posted in Pinoy Vendetta’s page, the hacker claims defacement of “Meralco” website.

Meralco is considered the largest distributor of electric power in Philippines, Metro Manila in particular.

Hitman  added a html file in one of the website’s sub-domain “Accredited Meralco Contractors” (http://amc.meralco.com.ph/)

The breach is accordingly “for those who are having hard time because of electric charges.- translated.” Greetings to fellow hackers can also be seen in the page and the usual Pinoy Vendetta banner and rotating logo in the top.

The deface page can still be access until now, lets see how fast can the Meralco website administrator fix the issue.

Click the tagged link “hitman” below to see previous breaches by Hitman.

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