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Hostgator India based Defaced by Cyber-Rog

A big hosting company becomes the victim of a hacker’s latest operation. The local Indian website hostgator.in from main “hostgator.com” got pawned by a hacker calling  themselves/himself cyber-rog.

The website was not defaced via its index, the hacker just uploaded an html file, possibly through FTP. URL of the defacement is http://www.hostgator.in/cyborg.shtml. By the time of writing, the page is already deleted.

There was no much fancy in the hack page but a picture showing a logo of “Cyber Reloaded Offensive Gangstaz” and texts, “Lol Look At Your Face You Got Pwned Man Secure Your Website Next Time We Will Be Back”  – We are anonymous.

The last message may convey that the hacking group is part of anonymous, we are not sure about that.

Mirror of the hacked website here.

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