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How to register to Globe and TM promos easily?

This was shared by one of my high school friend, “kalor” the night before new year. Imagine, I am registered to Globe’s call and text promo, Super25 on 1st day of January. Amazing right? Usually on peak days like new year, you can’t subscribe on promos(esp Unli Call and Text).

Steps :

Go to your “suking” retailer, tellhim to automatically load, for instance Globe unli call and text “super 25.” Let him dial up *100# in standby display. It will open up “AMAX menu“. Then choose,

Globe Promo > Enter 11 digit number > choose 5 for super25 > and confirm. Wait for some confirmation. Done.

There you have it, register as easy as saying  the alphabet.

More of  “AMAX Menu” options:

  • Regular load

will allow to send regular load, just fill in the number and value.

  • Globe promos

There are 10 promos available.

  1. Go Unli 30
  2. Go Unli 80
  3. Go Unli 180
  4. Go Unli 750
  5. SuperUnli25 – sampled promo falls
  6. Superalltext2o
  7. Unlitext20
  8. Unlitext40
  9. Unlitext80
  10. Sulitxt15

  • TM promos
  1. Astigtxt10
  2. Astigtxt15
  3. Astigtxt30
  4. Combo10
  5. Combo15
  6. Sulitxt5
  • IDD and Int’l Text
  1. Go Tipidd30
  2. Go Tipidd50
  3. Go Tipidd100
  4. Superidd 149
  5. Duo Int’l 999(Globe)
  6. Duo Int’l 999(TM)
  7. Go Id200
  • Promo info

So, just explore on the choices available.. I hope this help you in some way 😀


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