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How to remove last name on Facebook?

You may have observe that there are some people who only have their first names in Facebook. Impressive? I’ll walk you on how to do it.

Disclaimer: pinoyhacknews.com is not responsible to any misuse of this guide. This tutorial is solely for educational purposes.

This method on how to remove or hide last name in Facebook is intended to Indonesian users only. To make use of it, we need an Indonesian Internet Protocol address ( Proxy )  for us to appear on Facebook as Indonesian.

Things needed:

  • Internet Protocol Proxy Address ( should be Indonesian )
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser

Steps on how to remove or hide last name on Facebook:

  1. Open up Firefox Browser 
  2. Go to Settings or Alt + T + O – keyboard shortcut
  3. Click on Advance tab > Network > Settings
    Manual Configuration then input any of these proxy servers from Indonesia.

    • port 8080
    • port 8080
    • port 8080
    • port 8080
    • port 8080

    network settings of firefox


  4. Check, “use this proxy for all protocols”
  5. Done setting up the browser.
  6. Login to Facebook
    In some cases if you have Facebook security enabled ( There will be verification process )
  7. Click on wrench / settings icon
  8. Account Settings
  9. Language Settings > Select Bahasa Indonesia as primary language
  10. Edit your name and remove last name.
  11. Log out your account
  12. Repeat step 1 and 2
  13. In network settings, Select no proxy.
  14. Done. Congratulations!!

facebook profile hide remove facebook last name

Set your language back to English :))
Credits: Symbianize

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