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How to Secure your Facebook Account?

So guys Im here again, back from weeks of no updates..

Today, Im going to share you how to secure your facebook account against hackers .

In this days, there is a large number of hacking incidents due to being innocent of account security..

Secure Password:

with strong passwords, the attacker has lesser possibility of guessing off your password. in order to that you must have a password of not less than 8 characters and a combination of alpha-numeric and special characters. example 3Cf5*aj0.

  • dont share your password
  • must have uncommon security answer.

Phising Site:

If you dont know anything of what a phising site , it is a clone of a certain website. It copies almost everything of the site but not the login code. So if you are being lure to a phising site and you login your account credentials, it will be then send to the hackers email or website.

  • check the web address of your web browser, if it looks suspicious/not the actual website, ex. facecebook.com instead of facebook.com it could be a phising site. Dont be fooled by an old hacking trick.

Secure Connection:

you must enable facebook’s https or the secure http of facebook.com, that is enabling you to surf securely in a network.

to activate it, just click the small arrow down located at left top most in every facebook page. If you cant still see, it is beside your name/home link. > click on security and check secure browsing.

Clean your PC:

though you had follow all the things written above but there is a spyware installed in your pc, RATS/KEYLOGGERS it is still useless. I suggest you to be updated of your anti-virus , CCleaner is also a must tool.


Enable login notifications account settings> security> login notification > check either/both email or sms.

You may also check, Improve Facebook account security by deleting unnecessary session..


I hope it helps! If I misses something here, just post it in comment. 😀

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