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iGovPhil project will be hosting seminars of cyber security

The Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) Project just announced a couple of minutes ago that it will be hosting seminars of cyber security.

The seminar mainly aims to discourse about strategies in protecting sensitive digital resources. It is said to be held at at the Audio Visual Room, ICT Office, C.P. Garcia Ave., Diliman, Quezon City from 9:00 AM to 12 noon.

Topics to be discussed in the 2013 ICT office IT security are as follows:

  1. August 31 – Review of TCP/IP and Computer Networking
  2. – Intro to Computer Networking Security Activities, Terms and Glossary
  3. September 7 – Sniffing Networks – Wireshark, Tshark, Netminer, Tcpdump
  4. September 21 – Hacking Local Area Networks – ARP Spoofing, Cookie Stealing, MiTM
  5. October 5 – Postscanning, Enumeration and Information Gathering
  6. October 19 – Wireless Security Fundamentals and Implementation
  7. November 9 – Web Application Security – SQLi, XSS, Directory Traversal, Remote Command Execution
  8. November 23 – Vulnerability Scanning- CVE Reading, Bugtraq, Nessus
  9. – Basic Penetration Testing Howto – Metasploit, Core Impact, Pwnie Plug
  10. December 7 – Private and Public Cryptography and Applications, Hashing and Secure Email

Announcement also suggest that those interested individuals must accomplish this registration form iGovPhil  provided.

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