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Improve Facebook security by adding login notifications both SMS and Email

Second edition after Improve Facebook security by Deleting unnecessary session.

I have been implementing this for more than a year now. This extra security precaution provided by Facebook itself should be perform for improved Facebook account security.

When someone login/access your Facebook account from an unidentified computer or mobile device, a notification will then be sent. The good thing, you can choose either through a text message or email or both.

How to activate Facebook Login Notification:

  • Go over to Facebook account settings
  • Click on Security (left side of the screen )
  • If you have not activated it yet, you will see the same message as below – disabled

security disabled

  • To enable it, click on edit in the right side of login notifications.
  • Now you are left to choose either activate text message/push notification or via email.
  • As recommended, activate both, now check on “email” and “text message / push notification”
    NOTE: If you haven’t associated your facebook account with a mobile number, a pop message will show which let you add one.
  • Done! You just added 40% security to your account!

This is how a email notification look like:

Facebook email notification 

 I can not provide you a sample text message notification for now 😀


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