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Improve Facebook Security by Deleting Unnecessary Sessions

Most facebook users neglect the importance of facebook security.
This post is a basic tutorial on how to clear and completely delete all active sessions.
By the way, what are these active sessions are you talking about? Ok mr, when you logged in unto facebook, they save your browser, location and time. They do this every time they detects you are logging in using a new device.
If you are not familiar with it, just browse into

[box_info]facebook > settings > security settings > active sessions[/box_info]

2 steps to drop this sessions:

  1. delete them individually by clicking end activity
  2. mass deletion by changing your account password except for your current session.The pictures above is the option after changing our password IF
  • log out session
  • keep logged in
[box_tip]I consider this a threat because if you have lots of sessions saved, you could no longer know if it is really you. Deleting those sessions means forcing potential hackers “hijackers” to log out, especially when you are not in secure connection. [/box_tip]


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