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Interview with n3far1ous: not really nefarious

Pinoyhacknews just have an interview of n3far1ous (Nefarious) of Anonymous Philippines.

He is responsible of fixing some hacked Government websites and the latest UP Cebu website defacement.  🙂

1. Say something about yourself.
I’m n3far1ous, a scriptkiddie hacker, I currently have no group but I deface sites in the banner of anonymous.

2. How did you get into web security? When was that?
It started last year on the brink of china vs ph hacker war, I saw a news regarding a brawl between some hackers from china and some hackers here on our country so I decided to join them. So I started to study all about web security and how to play with it.

3. Why did you choose to be a web hacker?
I’m a big fan of hacking/hackers when I was a child. I’m always fascinated on how they gain access to something they are not supposed to. It’s like they have powers or something.

4. You are fixing hacked PH gov & edu sites, why are you doing this?
If you’re a hacker, it doesn’t really matter if you deface or fix the site, it’s still hacking, exploiting the site’s vulnerability to gain access without the owners consent. I just prefer fixing because I respect the admin and his efforts on maintaining his/her site.

5. You are part of the hacker collective “anonymous” are you not afraid of getting unmasked?
Ofcourse I’m scared, getting unmasked means the end of your career. I know someone who left hacking just because an image of him was compromised. 🙁

6. Whats your thoughts about PHN?
It’s a great site where you can learn about current evens regarding cyber crimes, breaches, Vulnerabilities and those trending issues on internet.

7. The issue of pending Cyber Crime Law, anything to say about it?
We are keeping an eye on the pending anti cybercrime law, but I think we already won against it.

8. Final words to the Filipino Citizens and our Government.
To my fellow citizens, protect your freedom, fight for tyranny and corruption. We are the power.
To the Government of the Philippines, expect us.

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