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Iraq’s Prime Minister Website Hacked in Amid of Protest

This is the second time the website of Iraq’s Prime Minister,Nouri al-Maliki, is hacked this year -2013. The hacker team who is behind the breached and defacement is said to be “Kuwaiti hackers group”.

According to Reuters, the countries prime minister is facing protest from Sunni Muslims, an oil dispute with the Kurdistan region and turmoil in his own government. The website’s defacement was to show and brand the Minister an opdpressor.

“You want to be like Bashar al-Assad. You are a destroyer. Bashar is finished and victory is very close. God help you sons of Iraq against the tyranny,” the message published by hackers, Reuters added.

For proof, visit the mirror of the hacked website in zone-h.org, showing it was hacked on January 13 by the same hacker group. In the current time, the website pmo.iq is down.

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