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lto official website hacked

Land Transportation Office website ripped by Arabian hacker.

Bin Laden Hacker from Saudi Arabia managed to deface the official website of Land Transportation Office (LTO.gov.ph) earlier this morning.

A black colored background occupies the deface page with an image of someone in hid.  A message in the center clearly tells that the culprit is from Saudi Arabia. A country/kingdom considered as the largest Arab state in Asia.

For proof, you may visit the mirror created by the hacker himself in Zone-H.

Complete text message in deface page:

[ Saudi Arabia Hacker ]

BIn LaDen

[email protected] | [email protected]

P!n : 26F83799

Gr33tZ : S4udi H4ck – rEx iRaQ – SeVeRuS – SiLiPoR – Crazy – Jeen 7Frawy – Group x3 – RashiD
alwahsh – Spider – R3D – D3oS – King of control – ErHaBi HaiL
Hroyn alshmal – Dr.SHA67 – all bb or msn


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